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I'll admit I've been a bit lax about updates recently. However my
..erm..."songwriting" career etc. is blossoming, I made it in the school talent show!
I hope you all are keeping up with TP&THB by going to www.tompetty.com
I'm going to put up more pics, but I just get so busy with school!
BTW, for a site ten times better than mine (I'm sad to admit) go to GoneGator.com

If you need anything up here please e-mail me.

Everthing that has been posted here on
my website is moved to news once it is replaced with something else.
PS I Am not Tom Petty, and do not know him
to find out who I am, sorta, click on the "About Me" section



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Tom Petty

Mike Campbell

Benmont Tench

Howie Epstein

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Stan Lynch

Ron Blair

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