Q: Who are you?
          	 A: My name is Enay (yeah it's a nickname, but what do you expect!
		   I don't want sickos stalking me). I'm in school and have been a
		   Petty fan since I was little.  I decided to make this website to
		   show my Heartbreakin' instincts

Q: Why'd you do this? A: Why not? Really, I did it because I think Tom Petty, Stan Lynch, Ron Blair, Benmont Tench, Mike Campbell, and Howie Epstein are some of the best musicians in the buisness.

Q: Have you ever met Tom, or any of the heartbreakers? A: Nope, I'm only 16, a mere kid (Though a kid who can drive without her parents). I'm not really in a position to get to meet any of them.

Q: Are you Single? A: NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!!!

Q: How can I get in touch with you? A: e-mail me at casadega@mac.com or if you have AIM my Screen Name is Veenus121.

Q: Why did you do a Q&A as though I would actually ask these questions? A: To annoy you/inform you. I'm a fascinating person, really I am... I swear....

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