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Title:                          BREAKDOWN                       (Tom Petty)

                Am    G            Am    G
                Its alright if you love me, 
                Am    G            Am    G
                Its alright if you don't
                Am        G            Am      G         
                I'm not afraid of you runnin away honey, 
                Am          G         Fmaj7
                I got this feeling you won't
                    Am             G       Am    G   
                Say there aint no use in pretending, 
                Am   G             Am   G
                Your eyes give you away

                Am         G             Am          G     
                Something inside you is feeling like I do,
                Am           G      Fmaj7
                We said all there is to say

                Fmaj7    G/f    Am/f   G/f

                Am    G   F            G             
                Breakdown go ahead and give it to me 
                Am    G    F                   G
                Breakdown take me through the night
                Am    G   F           G           
                Breakdown go ahead give it to me, 
                Am    G        Fmaj7
                Breakdown its alright, 

                Fmaj7  G/f  Am/f  G/f  Fmaj7  G/f  Am/f  G/f    Am   G Am  G
                               its alright          its alright

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All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

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