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TOM IS ON TOUR!!! run, don't walk to http://www.tompetty.com and click on the link to get tickets. I am going to the Atlanta show, everyone cheer!

BIG NEWS!! Tom and his long time girl friend Dana
have tied the knot! Yep, that's right he's married, sad for me, happy for him ;)

UPDATES: I have finally gottena feedback form up,, and am adding lots of images.
I still haven't gotten far on the Spanish conversion (click here to see the Main page)
or organizing the guitar tabs by album. I'm taking summer school and working
soon as I find a better excuse...I'll be on top of things. If you need anything up here please e-mail me

Everthing that has been posted here on
my website is moved to news once it is replaced with something else.
PS I Am not Tom Petty, and do not know him
to find out who I am, sorta, click on the "About Me" section



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